Aleksandra is the 11th Dimension on earth.

She lives as an ascension artist, dancer, performer, choreograher, writer, teacher, …

Blessed with the knowing that Infinity is How, Why, and What Is, she lives Infinity here now. She embodies Infinity here now. She is Infinity here now. Being Infinity here now, she promotes Infinity Consciousness. Knowing no borders to her own individual potential, she encourages everybody ready to receive her support to remember their own infinite YOUnique self.

Aleksandra insists on the priority of re-creating yourself as an individual. The personal constitutes for her the fundament enabling the collective to embody, experience, and express bountiful abundance of How, Why, and What we are.

We relate to ourselves before we relate to others. How we relate to ourselves determines how we relate to others. How I relate to myself, an individual, shapes how I relate to everybody else and how I relate to us all as the collective. We need to address ourselves first! We need to feel ourselves first! WE NEED TO FEEL INTO OURSELVES FIRST! Feel into you. From you feeling into you comes trust. YOU NEED TO TRUST THE FELT! YOU NEED TO TRUST YOU FEELING FIRST! Trust-based connection to yourself and with yourself allows you to receive YOUnique Celebration! Then the collective unfolds in the most organic, authentic, and expanding way. We need to search for it no more for it just is and this is enough.

Aleksandra has been offered multiple possibilities to re-create her YOUnique self. Her education has been an ongoing journey in, with, and through the multidimensionality of Infinity. Aleksandra's Education.pdf

I dance in Mystery I dance with Mystery and through Mystery Mystery dances in me It dances with me and through me Mystery dances me I am danced I am dance I am and I am not for I AM dance I AM

I AM is what I am but have forgotten that I am. I AM is what you are but have forgotten that you are. I AM is what we are but have forgotten that we are. I AM is beneath and beyond time. It is beneath and beyond space. I AM defies all attempts to describe, define, classify. It expands beyond any human attempt to identify. It is beneath, beyond, and in between. And it is here now. It is in me, with me, through me. I AM is in you, with you, through you. I AM is in us, with us, through us. Unseen, untouchable I AM is closer than the closest. Felt in the body, with the body, through the body, it is flesh and bones and it is not for it is I AM.

I dance to remember the dance I AM. Dancing I remember more and more. I remember a different quality unfolding from the dance I AM. The different – the unknown, the actually well-known, the forgotten. Remembering the forgotten. I remember what I have forgotten. Towards the ultimate unity because ‘As above, so below. As below, so above. So that the miracle of One be accomplished’ (by Thrice-Great Hermes, supposedly the founder of astrology as cited by Franco Santoro. Franco Santoro, Astroshamanishm. A Journey into the Inner Universe. Book 1 (Findhorn: Findhorn Press: 2003), 13.).

Researching into a different quality that emerges from the dance I AM within the context of choreographing and dancing, Aleksandra created “Sushuma”, her solo performance (2016), a journey of and through touching the intangible – experiencing, embodying, and expressing the endocrine system towards crystalline states of bodymindsoul.

A different quality of being, feeling, choosing, and living is how, why, and what she now shares with those who desire to receive her support within the formats of WeInfinityOnEarth - Teachings from the 11th Dimension, BACK HOME, and her infinite creation.

Her service is entirely based on voluntary contribution.

Aleksandra is currently writing a book Fear Me Not, Says Death. and preparing for the creation of DANCE BY MY GRAVE, a multi creation about the non-existence of death.