• Angels, my Beloveds! I am so happy to be you! Metatron, welcome Metatron! I am so happy to welcome you! I am so happy to welcome me! Does it mean that I am you and you are me? Does it mean that Metatron I am? Does it mean that you are within? That you are within me? That this is where you live? That as I live, you live within me? What would you like to tell me Metatron? Your name sounds so noble!
  • I am. I am noble just as you are for I am you!
  • Yes, ok. You are me. This is the NEW INFORMATION that you have just given me! Yes! I have not known that I am you! Yes! I have just learnt that you and all Angels are me. This means that I embody the entire Angelic Realm! I embody the utmost Angelic Dimension! I am you all! I am you all Angels! How can I be you all if each of us is such a unique being? Each of you is Infinity of younique self! And I am each of you younique. I am youallnique. YOUALLNIQUE!
  • It is an excellent occassion to celebrate! I make a toast to USALLNIQUE!

18 April 2020