a Quantum Consiousness CreA(C)toress and CreA(C)tion.


I know that Death does not exist and that I will not die.

I mean it literally.


How, why, what I dance, write, speak about comes from me sensing, receiving, feeling How, Why, What Is.

It results from me seeking - longing - desiring to live in a state of eudaemonia.

A reality this world proposes as the reality is one of infinite realities.

They all happen parallel as we, people and other beings, live our infinite parallel potential selves.

From how we are here, we may influence how we are (t)here.

How, why, what I dance, write, speak about consists in self-FREEDOMing - freeing the self from how, why, what limits, manipulates, and controls us.


I thank Irena Tomaszak-Zesiuk for the impulse!