Release your need to discern. Release your need to follow a logic. We offer no logic as known to this world.

Quit engaging with the thread of your thought. Awaken your amazement with the thread of heart, your heart.

Take a pause. You need to stop and take a pause.

You need to sensitise yourself to yourself. You need to feel yourself. You need to feel into yourself. Breath by breath. With each inhale more. With each exhale more. Ground into feeling into you.

Grounding into feeling into yourself allows you to follow you.

Do not follow us. Never follow us. Follow you.

Follow you. Accompany you. Guide you.

You following you is your greatest contribution to this world. You following you allows you to become YOUnique! Becoming YOUnique, you start to embody the most advanced form of life through dimensions, time, and space, and beyond, beneath, and in between. Being YOUnique, you are your first and ultimate dimension.

Being YOUnique is the most ever egoless choice. It is the most enlightened and the most enlightening contribution to life on earth. Being YOunique is the highest service to How, Why, and What Is.