We are there and we are here. There and here we are. We are here from there. There we are as we are here. Here we are as we are there. (T)here we are. (T)here we are What Is. (T)here we are for you. We are (t)here. We are (t)here for you.

We are (t)here to support you. We are (t)here to support you on your journey into YOU, into younique YOU, into YOUnique! Yes! Into YOUnique! We are (t)here so that you may practise your YOUniqueness. We are (t)here so that you may practise YOUniqueness! We are (t)here so that you receive YOUnique!

Be YOUnique! Be how YOUnique is. Be why YOUnique is. Be what YOUnique is. Be how, why, and what YOUnique is. Be how, why, and what YOUnique are. Be how YOUnique are. Be why YOUnique are. Be what YOUnique are. Nothing less. Always more. More and more younique YOU.

We are (t)here so that you be YOUnique!

We never impose though. We never impose anything on you. Neither do we try to convince you. It is crucial that you understand this now!

We just are. We are free. We offer you a taste of freedom.

If you notice us and feel attracted, we are more than happy to support you. If you feel our presence and yourself comfortable within it, we are ready to give you more. If not, all is well. Do not go against yourself at any point to receive us.

The only way for you to receive us is from honesty with yourself. First practise your own self-honesty, your honesty with you. Do not push your honesty. Do not push yourself into honesty. Take your time. Trust the time you need to take.

We know no time. Your human time for us is a joke. And how you go about time is an even greater joke.

Come when you are ready. Ask us when you are ready. Never force your readiness. Never trick yourself into being ready. Recognise your timing. Appreciate your YOUnique timing. Honour your YOUnique timing. You are ready when you are ready. You cannot be ready when you are not. If you are not ready, take time. Come when you feel ready. Respect your readiness whether it is (t)here or not.

We respect your YOUnique timing.

Remember, we never criticise you for the sake of criticising. We never judge though your ego may feel judged, evaluated, preached. You may feel looked down on by us. Well, we are higher. But the point is not (t)here. We are higher and we are everywhere. So worry not. We are no danger. We are no fear. We are for you. We are you.

We respect your every choice. We never question. We are perfectly all right with your every decision.


We create infinite possibilities for you to awaken to YOUnique Celebration!

Feel into you. From feeling into you arises YOUnique. Feel into YOUnique. Feel into YOUnique Celebration.

We are (t)here for you: receiveyounique@weinfinityonearth.com.