https://soundcloud.com/we-infinity-on-earth/weintheexperienceofmia Mia 6/6/20

For me it is basically like entering rooms of energy and going to different kinds of rooms - energetic rooms which are like a hologram. … The room I enter with you feels like a white room in which I can breath, I can be, I can be with my essence. And I feel the words directly addressing my essence. The words in every language are going directly to my body, my essence, and are not entering my mind… also my mind but in a different way. … It feels like somebody is making light. I can see rainbows. And it is like somebody is taking weight off my shoulders. … It is deep, very deep. It is a deep experience in my body, a deep experience of the moment. … It is something really which brings me back to me. And also I feel a sense of being confirmed in my whole being and the way that I am sensing things. … It is very natural. It is entering a different room which I know somehow but still I am entering a different room. And it is a whole new room and experience. This is really hard to describe right now. … I really enjoy the simplicity, the love, the freedom. It is bringing aliveness back to my whole being and I can really, I can feel the truth in this whole. … So simple but so deep, profound. And these profound things are really touching and waking up and opening new rooms of energy, new rooms of experience. … fragment of Mia's audio material 6/6/20

Taught by the Source. Mia 30/5/20

Touched by the truth. No need to please anyone. Mia 27/5/2020

What I heard was extraordinary. It was like a whisper from above, a message I didn’t need to understand. I felt it with my whole self. It was an encounter that took me into another dimension, into my within. I felt my breath dancing for a moment. I experienced great joy inside and I felt its immensity flowing towards me from there - from those who were with me, from Aleksandra who was transmitting it for me and who herself was radiating with joy. And I felt more. I felt that she felt my sadness, and that she saw what I saw and what I felt. I heard various languages of this multiverse and I felt that this is the language from Source, one language. I desired to be closer. Tears were running down my cheeks. I felt an intense emanation of joy, love, closeness, understanding, and absolute acceptance. I felt peace. I do not analyse what I have experienced. I would like to stay with what I have felt. I long for more. Rita 16/1/2020